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automatic sample processor / for PCR / for forensics / for liquid handling



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  • Applications:

    for PCR, for forensics

  • Preparation type:

    for liquid handling

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The intended use of the Card Processing Automation 300™ (CPA300™) is to fill a 96-wells PCR plate with human’s saliva or blood samples extracted from COPAN framed NUCLEIC-CARD™ or other compatible sample collection devices, dispense PCR reagents with an automated liquid handler and seal plates.
Extraction is performed trough a cylindrical punch head (puncher), which detaches a paper disk from the card containing the DNA sample and places it into one well of the PCR plate underneath.
CPA300™ is a fully-automated and walk-away instrument: after the user loads all the cards and the plates into the dedicated slots, the system can automatically handle the cards, detect the saliva/blood spot and punch up to 300 cards in a single run.
Moreover, the CPA300™ instrument, being a modular device, may implement an automatic pipette for PCR reagents liquid handling and a heat sealer to secure plates through an aluminum film.
CPA300™ is compatible with all the framed sample collection devices currently present in the market, including COPAN framed NUCLEIC-CARD™, Whatman framed FTA™ cards and Bode Buccal 2™. Performances are optimized when processing COPAN NUCLEIC-CARD™ with cleaning area: the system automatically performs the cleaning strike in the dedicated area on the card to prevent any DNA carry-over effect.
CPA300™ equips barcode readers to ensure the traceability of processed samples and a vision system in order to check the presence of disks inside plate wells.
Until today, CPA300™ instruments have been installed in forensic laboratories for Human DNA database-related activities. Future applications will belong to the clinical field (newborn screening and more…).