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femoral head prosthesis femoral head prosthesis - Bencox®


Excellent Compatibility
Tapered 12/14 trunnion is compatible with Corentec stems
The Bencox II Template System, is designed for the preoperative evaluation of the implant size, offset, and leg length, with the goal of restoring patient's normal anatomy and hip biomechanics. For the preoperative assessment of the component size, templates are generally used on an A/P X-ray of the pelvis, including both hips and a lateral view of the affected hip. X-ray overlays are available in 115% magnification for Bencox n femoral components, and an A/P X-ray/scanogram with 115% magnification in an internal rotation of 10-15°, as needed.(X-ray overlays are available in 100%, 110%, 115%, 120% magnification)Next, mark the center of rotation of the femoral head on the normal side of preoperative x-ray. Overlay the template onto the A/P X-ray to ensure that the midline of the implant is aligned over the anatomical axis of the femoral medullary canal. As the Bencox n stem is a rectangular-shaped stem, unlike a round-corner stem, it should not be measured tightly on the A/P radiograph for stem selection verification.
To reconstruct the normal hip, the head-lesser distance (measure from the head center to the level above the lesser trochanter) can be used as the neck length pre-operatively and intra-operatively. In the case of severe varus or valgus, the difference between the proximal tip of the greater trochanter level, measure the difference in order to determine the center of rotation for the head. To verify the optimum size of the stem & cup, templating directly on the affected hip may be necessary. If "bowing" is evident, lateral view templating is necessary.