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rodent veterinary cage / modular

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rodent veterinary cage rodent veterinary cage - E63-20


  • Animal type:

    for rodents

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Our TruScan Photo Beam Activity System utilizes interchangeable Sensor Rings to ensure precision tracking of your subject in up to three planes. Point-and-click user-oriented software processes data for each session and saves all raw data for new analysis protocols in the future. The options available and the TruScan software for control and data analysis meet today's needs for the study of activity like no other system on the market.

Monitor activity simultaneously in X-Y, nose poke and rearing modes
Arenas available for rats or mice
TruScan software produces analyses of time spent in different parts of the arena, path information, distance travelled etc.
Raw data recorded for future analysis
Allows presentation of shock and other stimuli
In the Tru Scan system there are two arena sizes, one for small mouse-sized animals and one for larger rat-sized animals. Other systems run rats and mice in the same arena; however, we provide arenas of the appropriate size and beam spacing for each. You don't have to "make-do" with running mice in rat environments.

Our arenas feature a slide-out floor/drop pan so you don't have to take the whole cage out of the station case to wash it. Just pull the floor out and dump it so that the next animal is not distracted or contaminated by the droppings of the previous animal. Extra drop pans are inexpensive. You can replace them for each run with freshly washed ones.

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