hydrogen analyzer / CH4 / exhaled / for medical devices
GastroCHECK ®



  • Tested parameter:

    hydrogen, CH4, exhaled

  • Applications:

    for medical devices

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:



What's New?
Color Touch Screen - simple and intuitive user interface
Automatic Calibration - with on-device step by step instructions
Maintenance Reminders - never forget to calibrate
Exhalation Guide - coaches patient through entire exhalation process to ensure proper technique and accurate results
Maximize time and reimbursement — 2 Sampling modes
1. direct sampling - in office with a simple mouthpiece
2. breath bag sampling - out of office take home breath bag kits
Software — Interacts with included GastroCHART database and patient management software.
Maximize your time and reimbursement with the ability to test up to 10 patients simultaneously
Software manages study with automatic countdown timers which prompts and manages the complete study
Automatic charting to aid in interpretation and analysis of patient results
Built in protocols for various studies with the ability to customize them
Shortest warm-up in the industry — < 30 minutes
Automatic breath sample correction — Oxygen reading is used as a correction factor to ensure an accurate breath sample every time
Only monthly calibration — spend more time testing and less time maintaining
Fully reimbursable — up to $133 per patient study*