automatic microplate washer / for ELISA / programmable
Stat Fax 2600



  • Operation:


  • Applications:

    for ELISA

  • Other characteristics:



Automatic microplate/strip washer.
Capable to handle 1×8/1×12 strips.
Facility to aspirate , dispense, mix & soak for 99 minutes 99 seconds.
Plate Shaking option
Dispensing volume adjustable from 100-500 μl in increments of 50 μl
Residual cell volume: – < 3 μl
Wash protocols for individual assays can be programmed and memorised with memory for a maximum of 50 different types of wash procedures.
Aspiration procedure includes Double aspiration to enable complete removal of liquid after wash
Rinsing can be programmed to be automatically done at the end of every wash.