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vertebral column model / for teaching / scoliosis

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vertebral column model / for teaching / scoliosis vertebral column model / for teaching / scoliosis - S3DEP


  • Area of the body:

    vertebral column

  • Procedure:

    for teaching, scoliosis


Designed as an itemisation of the standard SDEP scoliosis model, this version is suspended on a Plexiglas support which allows the bone to really move in 3 dimensions during the derotation, and consequently, to integrate the parameters of lordosis and kyphosis in your demonstration.

The spine, included in an elastomer strip, is held over the support by a metal rod that crosses the sacrum from part to part, and by a sliding device beneath the upper thoracic vertebrae, which allows the spine to get back to a well position/curve while the correction is being made.

In order to obtain a maximal stability, the spine can be removed from the model. Yet, the resin that compose the vertebrae has a high longevity and will allow you to place screws and to take them back a lot of times, so you can make your demonstration again and again without any risk of break.