veterinary cryotherapy mobile health vehicle / trailer



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    veterinary cryotherapy

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The whole body cryotherapy van for horses

Equine Cryotherapy is an original technique, analgesic and analgesic, easy to implement in horses and well tolerated by the animal.
The first results are obtained quickly and are clinically observable. The physical recovery of the horse is extremely faster.

Some types of diseases treated

Tendinopathy (lameness): relieves pain immediately
Inflammation of ligaments stops the inflammatory crisis
Bruising and swelling: draining the hematoma and edema due to the vasomotor effect
muscle contracture (back pain): immediate muscle relaxation

Technical characteristics

overall length 4.30 m
Internal length 3.16 m
Total Width 2.13 m
internal width 1.67 m
Loading height 2.26 m
Net weight 920 kg
gross weight 2 600 kg