cryotherapy chamber

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cryotherapy chamber cryotherapy chamber - CRYOECO®


  • Temperature:

    Max.: -110 °C (-166 °F)

    Min.: -140 °C (-220 °F)


The recovery from the cold: sports application, wellness application and medical therapy

The objective of cryotherapy whole body is to create a thermal shock which generates vasoconstriction and stimulation of receptors thermal dermis.

This thermal shock is primarily an analgesic effect by slowing of nerve conduction and anti-inflammatory by the lowering of the tissue temperature. By reducing body temperature in a very short time, causes endorphin and hormonal reactions but also a very important muscle drain when the body heats up

The body from the shoulders, while standing in a cabin at extreme temperatures between - 110 and - 140 ° C for 1 to 3 minutes.

This technique aims to relieve chronic or occasional pain, accelerate muscle recovery and physical sports, while eliminating toxins tissue. Cryotherapy session therefore has anti-inflammatory and anti-stress immediate and very interesting for physical recovery. In sports recovery, is recognized to be a very effective method after muscle injury.
Widely used by top athletes, cryotherapy entire body promotes blood circulation, reduces pain, reduces inflammation, relaxes the muscles after exercise. It thus improves physical recovery, relieving the wounds ...