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isolation tank with chromotherapy lamps
Float Pod ®



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    with chromotherapy lamps


The Float Pod ®

24 Hour Filtration – Industry First
The Float Pod ® offers a pressurized, 24 hour filtration system to maximize pump performance and ensure maximum filtration, when the Pod is not in use. During a Float session the filter is off. The Float Pod® also contains a unique in wall skimmer basket that intercepts large debris such as hair and prevents clogging of the filter cartridge. 100% of the water is pushed through the filter with absolutely no water bypass.

The Float Pod® also complies with the most recent 2010 federal regulations originating from the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act. There are two intakes – a surface skimmer and mid range skimmer. These are placed more than three feet apart as required by specific state regulations.

Easy Change Filter – Industry First
Introducing the Easy Change Filter. The filter is housed within the pod area, but does not obstruct the float experience.

The filter top easily unscrews, and a new filter can be put back in within seconds. No more ordering custom parts, 10 minute filter changes, or cleaning salt water from all over your float room… you will be grateful for this simple system!