cryotherapy unit / trolley-mounted
Froozer 30



  • Type:

    cryotherapy unit

  • Ergonomics:



Froozer is a local cryotherapy device whose biggest advantage is its mobility and simplicity, so that an operator can use the unit with little or no training. The LCD touch screen panel allows to choose different treatments, depending on the body type and part of the body that is being treated. There are 5 different blow-in intensity settings (from 20%-100%). One cryogenic tank of 30 liters is sufficient for approx. 40 treatments. The device is an excellent tool both for sport recovery/rehabilitation, pain management as well as for beauty treatments.

The unit is multi-functional and can be used both in case of the beauty (cryo facials, body-shaping or inch-loss ), the physiotherapy/sport recovery as well as pain-management treatments, in the areas such as low back, neck, hamstring, ankle, knee, wrist or elbow.