digital dry bath / heating / benchtop

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digital dry bath / heating / benchtop digital dry bath / heating / benchtop - DB-04


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CTIs Digital Dry Baths are microprocessor controlled with an automatic PID temperature control program, providing accurate and uniform temperature distribution across the thermal block. Digital Dry Baths are ideal tools for a wide variety of life science, clinical and general chemistry applications.

Multi-block dry bath are used in various applications, including enzyme reactions, inactivation of sera, Rh studies, blood cross-matching and cholesterol determinations. This unit is controlled by microcomputer which makes the temperature more stable and accurate.


Microprocessor controlled with digital display.
High quality aluminum block and heating elements provide excellent temperature uniformity.
Safe operation with a reliable overheating alarm and automatic shut off.
Easy calibrated for accurate temperature control and display.
Multi-block dry bath with timing function.
Programming function provides multiple temperature control points.
Blocks are interchangeable, easy to clean and disinfect.
Automatic fault detection and beep alarm function.
Aluminum block provides high temperature uniformity.
Overheating safety switch.
Quick and easy temperature adjustment.
A variety of block type available to suit every customers needs.

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