transfer trolley / mortuary / with tray / stainless steel

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transfer trolley / mortuary / with tray / stainless steel transfer trolley / mortuary / with tray / stainless steel - SR2079


  • Applications:

    transfer, mortuary

  • Components:

    with tray

  • Other characteristics:

    stainless steel


The SR2079 table series offers the full range of features of a fixed-top mobile autopsy
table as well as the ability to store in a multi-body cantilevered rack system. The body stays on the tray throughout the entire autopsy process. Interchangeable fiberglass trays
allow for x-ray application.
Design Features Include
•Model SR2079-06 includes a removable 16-gauge polished Type 304 stainless
steel tray with one-piece welded construction
•Model SR2079-07 includes a removable molded fiberglass reinforced tray
with gel coat finish
o Optional x-ray cassette slide chamber
•Model SR2079-07 features an exclusive sump drain for rapid drainage
•Body can remain on table throughout the autopsy process to minimize
handling; table locks and drains into any CSI/JEWETT wall-mounted
dissecting sink
•Both styles of trays are interchangeable on body transporters
•Trays are compatible with automated lifting and transfer/storage systems
•Manufactured without crevices, lapped edges, rivets, bolts or other fastening
devices so that work surfaces remain smooth and prevent the accumulation
of bacteria
•Heavy-gauge polished stainless steel legs and welded cross rails to handle
heavy usage
•Adjustable, six-position PVC headrest

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