2-station surgical sink / stainless steel / infrared water tap
SSS Series



  • Number of stations:


  • Material:

    stainless steel

  • Other characteristics:

    infrared water tap


The sink basin is fabricated from 16 gauge type 304 polished stainless steel, with all other exposed surfaces of 18 gauge polished stainless steel. Exposed welds are ground and polished to blend with adjacent surfaces.

The sink is constructed with coved corners and radi us edges in the sink basin. The sink basin in designed to reduce splashing and flush awa
y waste. Sink bottom is sloped to a large 2" drain (2 drains on SSS3C). The unit is designed with anti-splash end panels and Plexiglas dividers on multi-bay sinks. Sinks have a water spray nozzle positioned at each bay to direct the splash away from the user. The sp ray nozzle protrudes approximately 3" from the front of the shelf and is adjustable for different angles of spray. The spray nozzle is removable for sterilization.

Advanced hands free water controls are engineered for high volume, sanitary, reliable use, eliminating moving parts such as hand or knee
valves, for low maintenance system. The control system will activate water flow through a continuous infrared beam emitted from a strategically located sensor in the front edge of the shelf. Activation occurs when
the operator is in a user’s position (12" - 46") from sensor for a period of 2 seconds. All plumbing hardware is brass and copper, or chrome pl
ated where exposed. A power switch behind the sink disengages all electrical power to allow for cleaning and servicing.