ophtalmic workstation / with chair / with light / with monitor



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    with chair, with light, with monitor


it is a unit for 4 independent instruments which can be used also in resti ng positi on. It is customizable with any device and thanks to a control tab with microprocessor, allows the user to program the best working conditi ons for a fast and comfortable use. The movements are manual and the unit is equipped with the powered elevati on of the electrical plane. The unit is equipped also with a lenses tray and 2 storage drawers As the whole range of CSO ophthalmic units, VINTAGE can be customized with a wide choice of colors.

- Working plane with - electronic height adjustment (min 80 cm max 96 cm) - Two planes with low tension supply - Two planes 230V supply - Central structure with command panel - Column with spot light with variable intensity - Eye charts projector support - Integrated lenses drawer - 2 storage drawers
- Chair with electronic height adjustment - Ceiling light with 3 LED lights with adjustable intensity - Support for self-balancing arm for phoropter + support - Arm with plane - Wood’s lamp with arm - Arrangement video system - LCD monitor support - Arrangement for topographer - Wheeled drawer and desk - Drawer with commands in various configurations - Hook for headband