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wavefront aberrometer / table wavefront aberrometer / table - OSIRIS


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    wavefront aberrometer

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The ability to measure high order aberrations as well as standard refraction has become the new standard of care for your patients. Osiris, is a total ocular aberrometer, and is indispensable for the correct evaluation of critical patients who have, in addition to traditional low-order defects, even more complex ocular aberrations. Osiris has a unique design that enables it to measure aberrations with a resolution of 45,000 points (at the maximum pupil diameter), with a wide dynamic. Thanks to the use of a pyramidal sensor, Osiris is also able to measure the total wave-front in real time with a frame rate of up to 33 images per second: this makes it possible to measure and view changes in power and aberrations while the patient is accomodating

The tool integrates with the Phoenix software, offering a wide range of analysis options, such as refractive error maps and visual simulations (PSF, MTF and convolution with optotype), which helps the clinician to understand and explain the patient’s visual problems. Osiris data can be combined with the topographic maps from other instruments produced by CSO, combining the total aberrometry with the corneal ones of Antares, Sirius or MS-39 it is possible to calculate the wavefront internal component and, for example, to evaluate the impact of a toric system on vision.

Real-time measurement of the ocular wavefront is indispensable during the evaluation of the accommodative phases. Customizable exam modes (ramps or square waves) are available to evaluate the patient’s ability to focus at near.

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