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MRI preclinical tomography system / PET / for small animals / for in-vivo imaging



  • System type:

    MRI, PET

  • Application:

    for small animals, for in-vivo imaging


MRI-Compatible Preclinical PET ScannerCubresa’s NuPET™ is a revolutionary in-bore PET scanner that inserts into existing MRI instruments to create a powerful and flexible hybrid preclinical in vivo imaging platform that combines the molecular sensitivity of PET with the superior anatomical, structural, and functional information of MRI.Researchers using simultaneous PET/MRI imaging can measure multiple physiological processes concurrently with exceptional tissue contrast, quantitative accuracy, and study throughput.Discover links between molecular mechanisms and functional responseSequential PET/MRI scanning captures data at different times, making it difficult to analyze important functional relationships when animal physiology can change within minutes. With NuPET’s simultaneous scanning, PET and MRI work in unison to capture time-synchronized and highly complementary information previously unattainable – so you can trailblaze a path to new discoveries.