interpretation software / planning / diagnostic / 3D viewing



  • Function:

    interpretation, planning, diagnostic, 3D viewing

  • Application domain:

    medical imaging


CubeVue Software provides powerful treatment tools to enhance patient care. Scroll through the complete volume data and build various 3D renderings in minutes. The pedCAT system comes complete with CubeVue software installed, giving you powerful interpretation and treatment planning tools at your fingertips.

Scroll through multiple slice planes in seconds. Easily view and rotate anatomical objects and confidently build various 3D renderings. Accurately make distance and angle measurements. Customize images to peel away bone and expose the desired layer for diagnosis.

CubeVue features easily adjustable window sizes and zoom/pan for optimal presentation of anatomy and utomatic standardized presentation of datasets . The A/P view always presents toes pointing towards viewer. Easy reproduction of work spaces using "session management", multi-workstation viewing, and the ability to compare 2 studies side-by-side - Create standard jpg images from any window in the system.