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trolley-mounted electro-acupuncture unit

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trolley-mounted electro-acupuncture unit trolley-mounted electro-acupuncture unit - yaoteq+
  • Trolley-mounted electro-acupuncture unit


  • Ergonomics:



Needle-free acupuncture:
Status inquiry, diagnosis and treatment in one system
Shorter treatment time by reduction to 3 – 5 treatment points
Automatic evaluation of all organs in relationship to one another (Yin / Yang, cold / hot, wet / dry, stagnation, etc.) and their illustration in a summarising clear and detailed diagram
Precise measurement of 5 acupuncture points according to meridians in the auto mode programme and their stimulation
The non-invasive, needle-free procedure avoids soft-tissue hematomas and infections, hence, it is perfect for patients who have a fear for needles and for children
Treatment can be delegated to medical personnel
Unbelievable successes using the innovative bio-cybernetic procedure, on the basis of an extensive empirical database. Precise identification of the symptoms and pain reduction
The broad spectrum of applications allows the treatment of a wide range of different symptoms
Optimal utilisation of equipment and its fast amortisation. The actual treatment can be carried out by qualified personnel, allowing an efficient and profitable division of labour
Reliable. Made in Germany