1-screen X-ray film viewer / 2-screen / 3-screen / 4-screen
DX42 Series

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1-screen X-ray film viewer 1-screen X-ray film viewer - DX42 Series


  • Number of screens:

    1-screen, 2-screen, 3-screen, 4-screen

  • Other characteristics:

    white light, LED


Variable Intensity: 4,000 - 10,000 lux
Independently controllable panels
Automatic film activation
Only 25mm deep
60,000 hours lifespan
LED technology
Low-profile design
Increased efficiency
No more bulbs to change - reduces waste by 95% over the light's lifetime
No halogen, mercury, cadmium, lead or CFCs. No chemicals harmful to the environment
Hard-wearing and fully recyclable when the light comes to the end of its life

The DARAY DX42 Series of LED X-Ray Film Viewers features a modern slim design, variable intensity, and independent & automatic panels that provide clear and diffuse illumination.

Utilising LED technology, the range provides a high intensity and is a highly efficient X-Ray Viewer with around 60,000 hours lamp life, meaning it costs significantly less to run.

With automatic film activation and variable brightness control, the DX42 Series ensure you have all the features you would need and more.

The DX42 Series is available as single and double wall-mounted units as standard, with triple and quad versions available on special order.

DARAY has been designing and manufacturing specialist lighting since 1968. A privately-owned British company
based in Derbyshire, United Kingdom; DARAY has continued to expand on their product range and produce a
comprehensive range of medical lights including operating theatre, examination and patient lighting to support the
needs of medical professionals.

In more recent years, we have expanded our range to include many specialist lighting types and have introduced new
products, including x-ray film viewers and surgical headlights to provide a total solution in patient management.