glove dispenser / wipe
28xxx series

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glove dispenser / wipe glove dispenser / wipe - 28xxx series


  • Applications:

    glove, wipe


General Information
Our dispensers are made of clear 4 – 5 mm thick acrylic glass (partly also available in stainless steel or in an antistatic version) and are specially designed for cleanroom compatible storage and fast dispensing of finger cots, gloves, fleece caps, face masks, overshoes, wipes, etc.

Installation /Positioning
wall mounted, for which two mounting holes are provided
standing next to the workplace or shelf respectively with small rubber feet to prevent partly shifting
several dispensers can be arranged in a line to form a complete dispenser station, e.g. for different sizes
Development /Workmanship
all corners are easily accessible and rounded, there are no unnecessary depressions where large numbers of particles could accumulate
all cut edges are polished and fractured
in order not to make the cleaning more difficult due to multiple edged forms of attached hinges, at the acryl dispoensers there are round, easy to clean plastic parts forming the pivot point of the flaps
wide opening lids and removable bottoms ensure that the acrylic dispensers can easily be cleaned in- and outside