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positioning cushion / protection / surgical / bariatric

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positioning cushion / protection / surgical / bariatric positioning cushion / protection / surgical / bariatric - BD-BB3076


  • Type:

    positioning, protection

  • Applications:


  • Patient type:


  • Material:

    gel, vacuum

  • Other characteristics:



Bariatric Bean Bag Surgical Positioner – Full Length
Body length vacuum packed positioner
Full length allows versatile coverage
Polystyrene beads contour & mold to patient
Rigid positioner when suction is applied
Replaceable one -click valve system
Safety clip prevent accidental air loss
Urethane film is extremely durable
Bean Bags are designed for many surgical procedures
Dimensions: 76″ L x 30″ W
Full length Bariatric Bean Bag Surgical Positioner with dimensions of 76″L x 30″W.

The valve on this medical bean bag is replaceable if damaged. The black polyurethane film is extremely durable.

Simply hook up to a suction line to evacuate air and product molds to shape.
Open valve and product returns to relaxed state.
Our bean bags
Our Bean Bags are comprised of small moldable beads that when suction is applied will pull together, creating contour around the patient and create a rigid, molded, positioner.

With the additional layer of gel between the patient and the rigid vacuum packed bean bag bladder you can provide a layer of pressure management protection for your surgical patient. (this would be item # BD-BB3076-G)

Offering a variety of sizes can conform to many surgical specialties, ophthalmic, ENT, hand surgery, shoulder surgery, lateral positioning, bariatric surgery, laparoscopic surgery, as well as steep Trendelenburg position on the OR table.

All of our Bean Bag Positioners have replaceable one-click valves (no need to pinch or squeeze), an added safety clip to prevent accidental air loss, durable urethane film (as compared to PVC).