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hair removal IPL system / vascular lesion treatment / skin rejuvenation / acne treatment
Apilux SmartPro II



  • Application:

    hair removal, vascular lesion treatment, skin rejuvenation, acne treatment

  • Ergonomics:



Pulsed light reinvented!
Apilux SmartPro combines technology, power, efficiency, flexibility and expertise in a compact unit. In fact, it is now possible to offer many different high performance light based treatments to your clients: whether using it for photoepilation or photorejuvenation, the reduction of dark spots, broken capillaries/couperose or even acne, the Apilux SmartPro provides your clients with a wide range of highly effective and safe treatment options.

The 2nd generation of the Apilux SmartPro IPL device is sure to impress you. Straightforward and providing enhanced performance, this unit of pulsed light will allow you to maximize your treatment results and revenues while keeping your maintenance expenses to a minimum.