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microscope slide
A100010, A100014

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microscope slide microscope slide - A100010, A100014


Standard size: 26 x 76 mm. Thickness: 1 mm.
Made in Germany of high definition, pre-washed glass. Hydrofophilic (epoxy). Feature a colour-coded, 20 mm marking area.
This special colour-printed area is resistant to all common chemicals used in the laboratories, and may be marked with pencil, ballpoint pen, marker and different laboratory-printers (e.g. Leica XPS). Thanks to the single side printing the user always knows the best surface to be used.
Ground edges at 45º (angle) and clipped corners. Supplied in boxes of 50 units. Final package (20 boxes) by tropical pack.
Expiry date: 14 months after manufacturing date.