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serological pipette / sterile
900030.C, 900043.C

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serological pipette serological pipette - 900030.C, 900043.C


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  • Volume:

    Max.: 50 ml (1.6907 US fl oz)

    Min.: 1 ml (0.0338 US fl oz)


Sterile Serological Pipettes
Material of general laboratory use, intended for the precise handling of fluids and their transfer from one container to another in order to carry out
reactions that facilitate the subsequent analysis of the sample

Single use, made of crystal polystyrene. Accuracy > 98 %.
Sterilised by radiation.
Made in one, two or three pieces depending on the volume.
No liquid retention: as tip is not sealed, liquid is not held at the joint. Total dispensing guaranteed.
Non pyrogenic (ISO 10993-11), non cytotoxic (ISO 10993-5) and non haemolytic (ISO 10993-4). Volumes range from 1 to 50 ml. Pipettes include a
white cotton plug and screen printed in color depending on volume for better identification.
The peel-pack have a fiber-free packaging including a strip for easy opening. Black graduations are bright, black and permanent. Negative scale and
double inverted scale (ascending and descending graduations).
DNAse and RNAse free.
Manufactured in a class 100.000 room environment.
Meets the requirements of BSE/TSE
This product is latex free.