PTCA catheter / coronary / balloon

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PTCA catheter / coronary / balloon PTCA catheter / coronary / balloon - Gusta®


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Product Introduction

PTCA balloon dilatation catheter Gusta® and PTCA non-compliant balloon dilatation catheter Gusta®NC with mature technology and excellent resistance to high pressure will bring you near-perfect clinical solutions.

Small and flexible tip design: 1. 0.016inch tip entry profile and flexible Nylon materials to ensure the best passing ability while avoiding fish mouth. 2. 2.5mm tip design, which is more flexible and easy to reach the target point.

The joint between the tip and the balloon will form an excellent balloon and smaller crossing profile after reshaping and achieve a better passing ability.

New and unique balloon folding technology steadily controlled by DS system: a unique dynamic folding heat and pressure technology, which not only adds more rewrap ability of the balloon, but also ensures the secondary passing ability and withdrawing ability of the balloon.

Selective hydrophilic coating: 1. Hydrophilic coating with selective coating technology, which can provide lasting lubrication to track and cross the lesion. 2. Uncoated part of the balloon can ensure the position of the balloon is not shifted after dilated.

Thinner and shorter embedded markers: embedded platinum markers, which can effectively reduces the diameter, ensure accurate positioning of the operation, also has a more flexible end.

Welding process of guidewire cross steadily controlled by DS system: reduce the frictional resistance of the guidewire, which makes the guidewire easier to push and avoids tissue damages.