dental laboratory dust suction unit / tabletop

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dental laboratory dust suction unit / tabletop dental laboratory dust suction unit / tabletop


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    for dental laboratories

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Protect Your Health!

Dental laboratory technicians are exposed daily to very fine dust hazards from a variety of different substances: chrome-cobalt, ceramic materials, quartz, plaster, plastics, and gold. Prolonged exposure and inhalation of fine dust particulate from these materials can have serious and lasting health consequences. Nevin offers 3 quiet, powerful, energy efficient, vibration-free, and affordable systems that will reduce your exposure to airborne particulate and keep the laboratory cleaner. Equipment lasts longer in a clean laboratory, and so will you.
Individual dust collecting system
Available built-in with the following workstations:

Ergotech™, Medalist™, Freedom™. This system has a fractional horsepower, variable speed motor with a lighted power switch. Each technician may control the suction volume at his/her workstation. Dust is collected in a disposable filter bag that captures particulate larger than 7 microns, as determined by stringent ASHRAE Test Standard 52-1-1992. A secondary cartridge micro-filter on the motor captures particulate up to 4 microns. The dust collector motor may be operated in either manual or automatic modes. In manual mode, the power switch operates the motor. In automatic mode, the electric handpiece starts/stops the dust collector motor. The control panel includes indicator lights, which monitor the performance of the filter bag and dust collector motor. When the filter bag needs replacement or the motor requires service, the indicator light is on and the motor automatically shuts off to prevent damage to the system.