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dental care simulator dental care simulator - prepCheck


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    dental care

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Software supported evaluation of preparations
Future dental practitioners need to be trained well in the skill of preparations. Yet, given the increasing number of students and fewer members of staff, less and less time is available to discuss students’ work. prepCheck is an easy-to-learn system based on objective measurement procedures, which documents and analyses students’ results, and also allows the results to be called up at a later stage. It is a combination of CEREC Omnicam or Bluecam and the prepCheck analysis software installed on the CEREC AC.

prepCheck in pre-clinical as well as clinical training
prepCheck can be used in two different modes:

Comparison with “Master Preparation”
Within this function, the user has the option of duplicating a precisely specified preparation, the "Master Preparation". The analysis function calculates a 3D comparison between the student’s preparation and the master preparation and depicts the deviations between the two preparations in color.
This function is used in pre-clinical education.

Comparison with pre-defined parameter values
prepCheck is also able to compare a student’s preparation against parameters that were pre-set for defined indications (instead against a master preparation). Deviations between the parameters of the two preparations are depicted in color.
This function is used in clinical education when working on patients, and can also be used in pre-clinical education.