glass ceramic dental material / for dental restorations
Celtra Press

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glass ceramic dental material glass ceramic dental material - Celtra Press


  • Type:

    glass ceramic

  • Applications:

    for dental restorations


The ultra-fine microstructure makes all the difference
The outstanding properties of ZLS (zirconia-reinforced lithium silicate) are a function of its unique microstructure. The presence of 10% zirconia in the glass phase in atomically dissolved form provides high strength and ensures safe and long-lasting restorations. The zirconia is essentially responsible for the nucleation of crystal phase.

This ultra fine microstructure allows Celtra to be processed quickly and effciently in a dental laboratory in its crystalline state and in the appropriate tooth shade.
Celtra – Zirconia-Reinforced Lithium Silicate
Crystallites formed are four to eight times smaller than crystals of conventional lithium disilicates
An ultra-fine microstructure that combines high average flexural strength with a high glass content
Lithium Disilicate Ceramic
Crystallites embedded in the glass phase are 2000–4000 nm in size and thus significantly larger than Celtra
Lower light conductivity and requires a greaterpolishing effort
Celtra Press
The new generation of high strength glass ceramic. Celtra Press is now available for the traditional pressableceramics technology. The system includes ingots, investment, and veneering ceramics.

The benefits of the Celtra® Press system for your dental laboratory:

A unique combination of excellent aesthetics and high strength > 500 MPa (natural opalescence and translucency, stable margins)
Excellent shade fidelity according to the VITA shade system and a surprising chameleon effect (easy shade adaptation to the surrounding teeth)
Simple and fast processing (minimal reaction layer, easy to polish, a simplified shade system reduces inventory costs)