intraoral camera / digital / with USB port
SiroCam UAF Plus

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intraoral camera / digital / with USB port intraoral camera / digital / with USB port - SiroCam UAF Plus


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    with USB port


Provide your patients clarity and transparency
Patient communication and case documentation are an integral part of your everyday workflow. With the SiroCam UAF Plus, you can achieve all of this at just the touch of a button. Providing clear case visualization can help your patients to understand and accept your diagnosis and recommended treatment plan, improving overall communication and patient experience.
Benefits at a Glance
The perfect addition to your practice workflow.

Improved patient communication
With easy-to-use autofocus and 720p HD resolution, you get exactly the images you need for clear case presentation, patient education and documentation purposes.

Ergonomic and modern product design
Designed for patient comfort and an ergonomically friendly user experience, this slim, lightweight intraoral camera is an effective addition to any practice workflow.

Ease of use
Featuring a straightforward one-button autofocus, capturing a high quality image or video has never been easier.
Capture of intraoral images
Capture of extraoral images (e.g. smile line, full face)
Capture of macro photographs
Live streaming of videos
In combination with Sidexis 4.2 and higher or any imaging software that supports TWAIN-capable devices, you have the ability to store these images for retrieval at a later time.Robust and Durable
With an easy to wipe reinforced plastic and glass fiber surface, disinfection and preparation in between patients can be truly efficient. In combination with hygienic single-use sheaths, you can save valuable time in your workflow and provide your patients with the highest quality of care.