gutta-percha root canal obturator

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gutta-percha root canal obturator gutta-percha root canal obturator - GuttaCore®


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Transforming Gutta-Percha from the Inside Out

GuttaCore obturators are the first crosslinked gutta-percha core obturators to deliver warm gutta-percha throughout the canal system. GuttaCore is designed to create a dense, 3D fill in minutes and the crosslinked gutta-percha core removes easily.

Crosslinked Gutta-Percha Core Changes What’s Possible

The same gutta-percha transformed with subtle, flexible strength
Handle bends off – Remove the handle by bending to either side of the canal wall without affecting the seal
Post space and retreatment simplified. GuttaCore obturators remove easily. Remove the material with a rotary file or post space drill
Retains shape when heated
Centrally compacts the surrounding warm flowable gutta-perch 3-dimensionally