hand endodontic file / for root canal finishing / nickel titanium
ProFile® .04 series



  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for root canal finishing

  • Other characteristics:

    nickel titanium


Sized identically to our ProFile .04 rotary instruments, these nickel titanium hand files can be used interchangeably with the rotaries as finishing files. Or if you prefer, use ProFile .04 hand files to shape the entire canal faster and with more control than traditional hand-filing methods.

Their unique design lets you create a continuous taper, and they work especially well in small, curved root canals. Our nickel titanium hand instruments offer the same super strength and flexibility as our rotary instruments. And like the rotaries, they feature:

Radial-landed U-shaped flutes that lift debris coronally
Noncutting tips that reduce perfing, ledging and transporting
Greater tapered flutes which reduce the number of instruments needed