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GLOBAL ENABLE® Glenoid Exposure System
The GLOBAL ENABLE® Glenoid Exposure System is designed to simplify glenoid exposure during primary and reverse shoulder arthroplasty. GLOBAL ENABLE Glenoid Exposure System provides a step-by-step methodology for glenoid exposure with consideration for challenging exposure situations. The retractor set includes eight retractors designed for Access, Protection, and Control.
Throughout the glenoid exposure process, three functions are highlighted for their contribution to Access, Protection, and Control. Used together with the GLOBAL ENABLE Glenoid Exposure System, these three steps will improve the ability to gain consistent glenoid exposure.
Blunt Point Gelpi
The Blunt Point Gelpi is a self-retaining retractor with blunted ends that retracts soft tissue without damaging it
The Blunt Point Gelpi is used to control soft tissue throughout shoulder replacement surgery and is frequently used to open the deltopectoral intervalReverse Hohmann
The Reverse Hohmann is designed to protect soft tissue and neurovascular structures, specifically the axillary nerve, during recommended soft tissue releases
Additionally, it can be used to retract soft tissue and muscle in large, bulky patients
Proximal Humerus Spreader
The Proximal Humerus Spreader is designed to give the surgeon access to the glenoid without interference
The Proximal Humerus Spreader has a flat plate that rests on the humerus osteotomy surface and a saddle that is placed on the base of the corocoid
As the spreader is engaged it retracts the humerus posteriorly to the glenoid, increasing access to the glenoid, allowing the surgeon to more easily prepare the glenoid surface