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Reverse Shoulder System
The DELTA XTEND™ System is a total semi-constrained shoulder arthroplasty. It reverses the normal relationship between the scapular and humeral components, moving the scapulo-humeral joint center of rotation medially and inferiorly. By doing this, it increases the deltoid lever arm as well as the deltoid tension therefore allowing the muscles of the deltoid group to compensate for rotator cuff deficiency.
The DELTA XTEND™ Modular Humeral Stem is intended for cementless use. The glenoid component is HA coated and intended for cementless use with the addition of screws for fixation.
Cementless Modular Humeral Implant

Fluted stem design based on the GLOBAL® Shoulder Stem Design - positioned in anatomic version for optimal press-fit fixation1
Hydroxyapatite (HA) coated titanium alloy for optimal cementless application2
Positioned at 0-10° retroversion for increased internal rotation3
Centered and eccentric options to suit to anatomy and optimize press-fit fixation
155° neck shaft angle for optimal joint stability4
Reduced dimensions for bone preservation
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Cemented Monobloc Humeral Implant
Polished cobalt chromium alloy for optimized cemented fixation5
155° neck shaft angle for optimal joint stability4
Reduced proximal geometry for bone preservation
Standard and long monobloc stems with smooth, perforated fins and proximal height laser markings for use in proximal bone loss cases
Polyethylene Humeral Cups

+3, +6 and +9mm cup sizes are available to adjust joint tension for optimal deltoid function based on clinical heritage6, 7
High Mobility Cups available in PREMIERON® X-linked Polyethylene