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CORAIL® Total Hip System
The CORAIL® Stem has over 30 years of clinical experience and has been provided to over 2 million patients around the world. It remains the most widely implanted cementless stem1-3 and has 93.7% stem survivorship at 30 years.Collared Stem Option
Collared stems are available in both standard and coxa vara offset designed to control subsidence and add rotational stability.
Stepped Geometry

The Stepped Geometry of the CORAIL Stem is designed to reduce shear forces and improve compression loading in host cancellous bone.
Multiple Offset Options
The CORAIL Stem offers standard and high offset options which can enable femoral offset restoration and soft tissue tensioning. The CORAIL Stem also offers a coxa vara neck option which provides an additional option for varus neck angled patients.
Compaction Broaching
The CORAIL Stem utilizes compaction broaching which is designed to preserve the blood supply to promote healing and growth of bone around the implant. This technique has shown 93.7% survivorship of the stem at 30 years.
Multiple offset options aiming to restore hip biomechanics
Tapered neck geometry and ARTICUL/EZE® Hip
Taper designed to increase range of motion
Low-profile lateral shoulder design enables easy insertion in
reduced incision techniques, including the anterior approach
Available in collared and non-collared options
Step geometry is designed to convert hoop
stresses to compressive loads
Vertical/horizontal grooves designed to
provide rotational and axial stability