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laboratory cold room

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laboratory cold room laboratory cold room - Walk-in


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Features & Benefits

Sandwich panels thickness of 80/100 mm, composed of prepainted steel and polyurethane foamed with cyclopentane. That’s highly efficient and stable over time with thermal optimal conductance (Lambda value) equal to 0.0215 W / mK;
Modular panels, easy to assemble (average time involved to install a mini cold room is corresponding to 30 ’)
The panels have a modular step equal to 300 mm and the vertical panels has the following widths: 300/600/900/1200 while the corner panel has a geometry of 150x450mm (thickness 100 mm) and 130 x 430mm (thickness 80 mm);
The door is reversible and can be mounted either on the long or short side of the cold room and is equipped with a handle lock and interior release latch for a safe opening;
The cold rooms are available with different sizes in height, in the thickness of 80 mm, that corresponds at 2000/2160/2360 mm, while in thickness of 100 mm can reach up to 3000 mm, starting from 2040;
The base panel has a perimeter fascia of stainless steel;
The perfect coupling of the panels is guaranteed by a Male /Female profile and a double effect cam lock;
The cold rooms are also available without a floor to allow easy access to the trolleys, etc ..