pressure therapy unit / tabletop / 16 independent cells
CircuFlow™ 5208



  • Type:

    pressure therapy unit

  • Ergonomics:


  • Number of independent cells:

    16 independent cells


The FDA and CE-approved CircuFlow™ 5208 Intermittent Pneumatic Compression (IPC) Pump (Medicare reimbursement code E0652) provides patients the comfort to treat chronic venous and lymphatic disorders in their own homes. The device’s 4’’x1” digital LCD screen provides easy access to essential set up information and real-time pressure readings.

Using intermittent gradient sequential pressure applied through easy-to-use multi-chambered garments (various sizes offered for full leg, arm, arm and shoulder), the CircuFlow™ 5208 increases blood flow and provides extra cellular fluid clearances. It offers two sub-therapy modes: the uncorking mode which mimics the process of manual lymphatic drainage, and the focus mode which concentrates on areas of the limb most affected by Lymphedema Fibrosis.

Key Features:

Chamber Adjustment: Digitally controls pressure within 8 individual garment chambers
Patient Comfort: Ability to adjust or skip individual chamber pressures preventing discomfort from ulcers
Easy Application: Automatic vacuum that drains the air in 60 seconds from the garments for fast and easy removal after therapy
Dual Operation Modes: gradient mode or pressure mode
Sub-therapy Modes: Optional uncorking mode and focus mode
Customizable Cycle Time: 20-240 seconds, distal to proximal
Customizable Pressure: 20-120 mmHg
Smart Pressure Monitoring: Automatically prevents pressure tunneling due to operator set up error