MRI immobilizer / for CT scan / lower limb / adult
Zephyr HDR Diacor



  • Applications:

    for MRI, for CT scan

  • Area of the body:

    lower limb

  • Patient type:



Image Guided Brachytherapy – Zephyr HDR Patient Positioning and Transfer System
Treatment planning using 3D volumetric data from CT/MR imaging provides valuable information for more
accuracy in today’s brachytherapy procedures. This has created a challenge for departments where imaging
and treatments cannot be performed in the same suite. The Zephyr HDR system from Diacor utilizes our
patented hover technology and provides the ability to transfer the patient in the same position from imaging
to treatment without needle/applicator displacement.

Benefits of the Zephyr HDR Solution
Improve Accuracy of HDR treatment
Reduce Staff requirements & injuries
Increase patient comfort and safety
Utilize in CT or MR
Improved Accuracy of HDR Treatment
Minimizes risk of applicator/needle movement during transfer utilizing hover technology
Stirrups mounted directly to Zephyr side rails enable the patient to remain in the same position throughout imaging and treatment reducing procedure start to finish time
Easily adjust and remove applicators/needles without repositioning patient while providing enhanced access to implant area
Reduce Staff Requirements & Injuries
Meets No-Lift Policy Standards
Virtually effortless lateral and longitudinal movement alleviating undo burden and physical strain on staff
Two people can safely and easily transfer a patient between implant procedure, imaging, and treatment
Increase Patient Comfort & Staff Safety
Comfort is increased as patient is hovered rather than pulled or slid
Safety guides ensure safe longitudinal movement
Anti-bacterial cushions included for patient comfort
Zephyr HDR Highlights