CT scan patient alignment laser / red / green
Centralite CT



  • Applications:

    for CT scan

  • Laser color:

    red, green


Centralite CT Moving Laser System
The industry's most flexible moving laser system
The Centralite CT moving laser system lets you use treatment-planning data to directly identify tumor locations and mark patients for treatment. Designed expressly for radiation therapy departments that use CT scanners for virtual simulation, it’s today’s most accurate and reliable patient alignment system.

Provides complete system control through graphical handheld terminal—including remote coordinate transfer from TPS system—allowing therapist to maintain focus on the patient
Delivers accurate, error-free marking of patients due to precise, self-calibrated laser line positioning
Provides seamless interface to all major commercial virtual simulation and treatment planning systems, allowing you to choose the system that works best for your facility
Actuators configured with either red or green diodes