veterinary radiography acquisition system / portable
DR Equine 2.0



  • Imagery type:

    for veterinary radiography

  • Ergonomics:



Excellent Image Quality at an Affordable Pricedr wizard equine 2.0

• Excellent image quality using direct deposited Cesium Iodide
• 5 year hardware and software warranty
• Wireless lightweight 10” x 12” detector panel is very mobile and portable
• Complete mobile Digital DR X-Ray System available
• Pixel Pitch – 76 μm

Better DQE performance in higher spacial frequencies
With its direct deposited columnar structured CsI + TFT provides outstanding high quality images with high DQE.
*DQE measurement condition : RQA-5 (typical 2.6 uGy)

High sharpness images by direct deposited CsI
Direct deposited CsI can provide clearer images at lowest dispersion compared to a conventional CsI and GOS scintillator.

Lossless AED
Lossless AED innovatively improved the reliability of sensitivity through operating scheme optimization.

Faster image display
Second to none in image preview and display time.