hand-held veterinary ultrasound system / multipurpose



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RKU-10 Vet ultrasound by Kaixin is full digital B mode ultrasonic diagnostic instruments. It offers multiple using method including hand-held, chest hanging, back hanging, waist hanging etc. It is available for left/right hand alternative use, eliminating operating fatigue. Very light in weight, only 1.1kg. Features of the RKU-10 Vet ultrasound are listed below.

2 kinds filter function, 7 kinds compress curve, 100 frames image permanent storage, 256 frames cine loop, Automatically calculate the Back fat and Lean percentage of swine.RKU10 Vet ultrasound

Net weight: 1.1kg. Smart and light.
High-capacity lithium Battery ,more than 6 hours work.
Standard configuration 1 pc of sunshine cover, suitable for use in outdoor strong sunshine.
Available for left/right hand alternative use, eliminating operate fatigue.
Multiple use method: hand-held, chest hanging, back hanging , waist hanging, etc.
Optional professional ultrasound goggle, convenient for outdoor use, meet different need.
Sophisticated craft, have soft rubber coat, splash-proof, dust-proof.