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High Performance Antipyrogenic Ultrafilters.
Purity of dialysis fluid is a critical determining factor of hemodialysis biocompatibility. The immune system of patients is sensitive to the presence of contaminants such as pyrogens, endotoxins and bacteria. Together with pressure conditions which can lead to backfiltration, complications such as hemodialysis-related amyloidosis can be experienced. During the use of bicarbonate concentrate, bacterial and pyrogenic contaminations are of particular concern.
In this context, Dialife introduces its ULTRADIA line of depyrogenating ultrafilters, composed of polysulfone membrane.
ULTRADIA filters allow for high dialysate purity, with a pyrogen removal factor of 105. Absorption and purification capabilities are maximized by the asymmetric properties of the employed fiber.
Multiple connection solutions are available, to ensure compatibility of use with most hemodialysis systems.