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SPECT Gamma camera / CT scanner / for cardiac scintigraphy / compact
Digirad Cardius® x•act



  • System:

    SPECT Gamma camera, CT scanner

  • Application:

    for cardiac scintigraphy

  • Options:



Its faster, its lower dose, and its got one serious size advantage.

The Digirad Cardius® xact provides higher clinical quality, faster imaging, lower dose, reduced operational costs and a solid pathway to the future.
xact Advantage:

Solid-State: Three flat panel detectors used for acquisition of both gamma ray and x-ray
Effective: CT attenuation correction improves diagnostic confidence
Protective: Triple-head detector geometry reduces patient dose by 3X
Compact: Can be used in rooms as small as 8 x 9
Patient-centric: Enhanced comfort for obese or claustrophobic patients


The Cardius® xact diagnostic imaging system raises the bar in nuclear cardiac imaging with its advanced SPECT.VCT technology.

With its triple-head, solid-state detectors and proprietary volume CT attenuation correction, the xact allows for greater speed and throughput, high precision, and superb reliability.

The systems high-definition, solid-state (HDSD) detectors, together with our nSPEED™ software enable a 3X reduction in patient dose or three times faster imaging time compared to conventional dual-head systems. And with its compact design, Cardius xact can be used in rooms as small as 8x 9 (72 sq. ft.) without the need for room shielding or architectural modifications. Plus, the patient-friendly, open gantry design provides greater comfort for patients up to 500 pounds, as well as bariatric, claustrophobic and COPD patients.