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NL108Tx series

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pressure transducer pressure transducer - NL108Tx series


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Disposable and re-usable pressure transducers are connected to the NL108A Pressure Amplifier via an interconnecting lead which is specific to the transducer of choice. The pressure transducers can be used to make in vivo animal measurements, such as blood or bladder pressure. The advantages and disadvantages of each type of pressure transducer are discussed below.
The NL108T2 disposable pressure transducers provide a straight-forward, cost effective and reliable means of monitoring physiological pressures. The transducers feature a large uniform lumen reducing the chance of incomplete filling, which can lead to bubble formation. The transducer is fitted with a short lead which must be connected via our 2.5m long NL108L2 lead (see below) to the NL108A Pressure Amplifier. These transducers are used on a disposable basis in the clinical environment, with careful use, their life-time in a non-human research laboratory can be extended further.
NL108T4 – Re-useable Physiological Pressure Transducer
Suitable for both arterial and venous blood pressure monitoring, the NL108T4 must be attached via a lead (NL108L4, see below) to the NL108A Pressure Amplifier, allowing continuous pressure monitoring. The NL108T4 is a highly accurate and rugged re-usable transducer, which is used in conjunction with disposable domes (NL108D4T, see below). These disposable domes are easy to fill and attach to the transducer body and are available from us in packs of 10 or individually (one dome is included with each transducer).

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