RF body contouring skin care unit / ultrasound lipolysis / dermo-massage



  • Treatment:

    RF body contouring, ultrasound lipolysis, dermo-massage


Operating Principle

Massage head—No.1 head that relaxes facial skin:

More and more people have turned their attention to body management and bodybuilding in their daily life. But how many people build their “face” for facial skin health? Facial skin is susceptible to high laxity, low elasticity and sluggish metabolism due to a long-term lack of exercise.HEBE-4D massage head fully “activates” facial skin before facial care, to awaken skin and let care work better.

Active-oxygen head—No.2 head that enables skin to produce oxygen and continues increasing the viability of skin

Bohr effect means that oxygen content increases in the tissue structure of skin in a carbon dioxide-rich weak acid environment. “Bohr effect” can: enhance blood circulation, increase oxygen content in blood, and speed up skin cell metabolism.

Hebe-4d active-oxygen head, which is unique and for deep cleaning, is composed of sodium bicarbonate and citric acid, and the gel contains unique natural active ingredients. When the active-oxygen head and nutrition-rich gel come in contact with each other on skin surface, the chemical reaction between them can generate lots of carbon dioxide. The vibration frequency and amplitude of the active-oxygen handle are designed specifically in order to make power to maximize the chemical reaction, so as to generate lots of carbon dioxide.

In a carbon dioxide-rich weak acid environment, when carbonic acid capsule rubs against skin and active nutritious gel is injected, skin cells generate oxygen by itself and get revitalized.

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