RF body contouring skin care unit



  • Treatment:

    RF body contouring


Hebe focus Targeted Radio Frequency (visceral fat management)

Visceral fat management expertise. Global leading low-frequency medium wave technique,real deep heat RF therapy that eliminates skin-effect.

The world's deepest and fast heat conductor that features unique 250 kHz low-frequency electromagnetic waves and over-300-W energy output.

Operating Principle

Visceral fat exists around human internal organs in the body. Accumulated, excess fat leads to sub-health symptoms such as hyperlipidemia and fatty liver, of which the most apparent one is abdominal obesity.

Electromagnetic waves generated in Hebe Focus can resonate and rotate water molecules in cells intensely with friction generating heat, so as to heat collagenous tissues and visceral fat cells.

Hebe Focus heats visceral fat cells to dissolve it and eliminates it from the body through hepatic metabolism, to achieve the goal of managing visceral fat. Meanwhile, it can heat collagen in the corium layer to make it denser, so as to lift skin.

The unique focus system can monitor and adjust system impedance in real time to closely match the impedance with human fat impedance, so as to maximize energy absorption. The continuous heating mode induces fat cell death and excretes it along the lymphatic system to heat the deep inside effectively.