3D viewing software / analysis / for MRI / radiology

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3D viewing software / analysis / for MRI / radiology 3D viewing software / analysis / for MRI / radiology - DBI


  • Function:

    3D viewing, analysis

  • Application domain:

    for MRI, radiology, cardiac, PET, CT


DBI is providing AZE’s FDA Approved VirtualPlace software for ensuring superior operability with rapid image processing and ease-of-use for 2D and 3D imaging. Large, thin-slice CT and MR Scans are quickly loaded with user-friendly tools into an intuitive screen.

Patented in the United States and Japan, PRISMA is AZE’s proprietary imaging – generating technology. Soft-tissue and wall-structure details are visualized precisely and rapidly, as if it were an actual observation or an anatomical chart.VirtualPlace is recognized for its wide variety of application options: CT/MRI brain perfusion, Myocardial perfusion, Fusion, Subtraction, Lung analysis, CT/MRI Cardiac analysis (EF), CT/MRI Coronary analysis, MRI Flow analysis, MRI Delayed Enhanced, Liver analysis, Colon analysis, 4D analysis, Calcium scoring, Fat measurement, PET Viewer, Dental analysis, etc.