recording software / EEG / polysomnography / for hospitals



  • Function:


  • Application domain:

    EEG, polysomnography

  • Medical establishment:

    for hospitals, for patient rooms, doctor's office


The NeuroSpeed software provides the basis on which to build a complete lab for neurodiagnostics, consisting of EEG and SLEEP recordings with one common database and one consistent user interface, our unique graphic working plan.

The GraphicWorkingPlan offers an intuitive interface and an up-to-date view of all activities on your alpha trace network; in real-time and network-wide. This intuitive interface helps you structure the work in your lab and leads you step by step through reception, recording, reviewing, report generation and finally archiving of recorded data. Each session icon exhibits the date and time of the recording, the patient name and a pictogram representing the type of recording. One single click on a session icon delivers all relevant patient and recording information plus direct access to prior reports.

The powerful database not only manages all patient and recording data but also keeps track of your recordings, reports, analyses and archive media. Define database stored settings for different applications once and have them available throughout your alpha trace network.

Report generation
Create your own report templates and use the powerful auto text function to speed up your report generation. Database contents such as patient name and birth data are automatically inserted into the report file. With the SpeedLink function you can, with the click of a button, add an EEG or Brain Map (optional QEEG module) page to the report.