automatic blood glucose analyzer / touch screen / with lactate meter



  • Operation:


  • Other characteristics:

    touch screen, with lactate meter


The SUPER GL2 was developed as replacement of our well known SUPER GL, especially for big practices specialised and laboratories.

Besides the biosensors for glucose and lactate or only glucose the well known techniques of the SUPER G speedy / SUPER&nsp;GL speedy is also used.

The SUPER GL2 also has a sample rotor for 30 samples - like it’s forerunner SUPER GL, but it has the advantage of a more easy operating by the innovative touch screen.

By using innovative techniques the SUPER GL2 measures the samples faster than the SUPER GL and by choosing the needed sensor it’s possible to decide which parameter the device should measure: it is possible to measure glucose and lactate simultaneous from one sample. By the help of a special glucose sensor the device checks the glucose value for the effect of disturbing substances.

Of course also by operating this device the pre-analysis is very easy by using the pre-dosed sample cups and the capillaries.

Also the SUPER GL2 provides the technical standard necessary for modern analysers, such as a variety of EDP links, barcode reader, storage function for the samples and the controls and so on.