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dissolution testing system / for the pharmaceutical industry / floor-standing / fully-automatic
AT 70smart



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    for the pharmaceutical industry

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AT 70smart
Fully Automated Off-line

The industry benchmark for complete fully automated USP 1, 2 dissolution testing

Increases productivity automating the testing of up to 40 batches of 6 samples without any user interaction

Automates all steps from media preparation/change to sample collection, data reporting/exporting and system cleaning

Driven by 21 CFR, Part 11 compliant ready WinSOTAXplus Advanced Dissolution Software

Customized solutions for specific dosage form introduction

AT 70smart Dissolution Bath Design

The core of the AT 70smart is the AT 7smart, a stand-alone bath, which has been adapted to implement full automation and allow simplified throughput, scale-up, and dissolution method transfer.
Hemispheric valves in the vessels allow simultaneous full or partial media changes within individual basket and paddle methods. Furthermore, the valves guarantee fast removal of sinkers, pellet cartridges, and undissolved dosage form components from the vessels at the end of the test followed by rapid cleaning.
The AT 70smart uses the Hollow Shaft™ system, which eliminates probe-sampling effects due to hydro-dynamic disturbances. This design assures a reproducible sample withdrawal at a compliant sampling height.
It also simplifies media half change and media addition in order to change the pH.
The SOTAX AutoCompliance™ (compliance by design) concept with fixed shaft height and vessel autocentering, ensures reproducible and compliant vessel-shaft assembly without any manual adjustment.