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headlamp light source / LED / compact

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headlamp light source / LED / compact headlamp light source / LED / compact - FX-10


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    for headlamps

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The DRE FX-10 is a cool-running, long-lasting LED Light Source that starts to full power instantly. The FX-10 is a great compact and portable unit for office based procedures. Frequent bulb replacement is a thing of the past with this light source, which significantly reduces long term cost of ownership, and it works with most major brands of headlights and endoscopy devices.


Long Life: 25,000-Hour
10-watt LED light source
Compact: 3.25" × 2.5" × 1.75"
Light: Weighs less than 10 ounces
Quiet: Nearly silent cooling fan
Bright: 6000° K and up to 4,350 foot candles via Xavier-HI headlight at a 12" working distance
Versatile: Single and Tri-Port models available
Universal: Operates in 100v - 240v environments
Firmly mounts to steel surfaces magnetically